Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Old Wisdom

Rebecca's oncologist can be praised for many things. He is a great oncologist, every second and third opinion we have ever had has agreed with his primary recommendations. He has been attentive to Rebecca's needs, even when those 'needs' have been driven by irrational fear (that happens when you have cancer.... like "I MUST have a brain scan RIGHT NOW.... I have a headache and I'm SURE it's a brain metastasis".... OK, Rebecca's actually very even keeled I'm the one that calls him and says... "she MUST....". But the long and the short of it is he's great and has taken very good care of Rebecca and I.

The one thing we have always be wary of is talking about the alternative medicine that Rebecca has engaged with. At best his attitude has been.."well, I guess it can't do any harm", but even that he qualifies with "unless you do something that does".

So imagine our pleasant surprise when at his recent visit he said... "you are doing SO well, it's way better than can be explained by my treatment, I guess some of that other stuff you are doing must be helping too"... nice :-)