Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Half a year

Yesterday marked the 6 month anniversary of Rebecca's passing. We talk about her often, she is still very present in our lives. We all miss her terribly. But, meanwhile, life goes on...

In the last 6 months I have: Built what amounts to an extension on the house to be the home of the Olive Press, totally remodeled the downstairs bathroom, replaced the floor and the sink in the upstairs bathroom,  Put a big deck on the back of the house, purchased a piano and made some upgrades in the Kitchen. Oh yeh, and purchased a BIG tv (60 inch).

Despite all that Rebecca's jewelry is still all laid out on her bedside table how she liked it. Her cloths still take up 80% of the available space in our room and we eat fish at least once a week because she insists it's good for us.

I added raised beds to our veggie garden, it's much easier on my back. I have lots of fava's in for the winter and I'm starting to plan the spring plantings. The bees are a'buzzing but I got rid of the chickens, I decided I just didn't have any care-taking energy in me right now.

The kids are up and down. Generally they are doing amazingly well but every so often reconnect with what they have lost. I think as time goes on they understand more what it means to not have her around and are starting to miss the things that used to annoy them. "Why does she make us eat salad all the time" has become "Dad why don't we eat more salad"... The kids would never make me feel bad by saying anything like: "it was better when mom was around" but I know that it is true. I'm doing a pretty good job, but, the world was better when mom was around.

And then.... we have lots of fun. It turns out that living in a house with a sick person puts a cloud over things. There are times now that we have a level of loud, energetic, fun that we couldn't have in the house before because it was too much for Rebecca.

The railing of the new deck incorporates the last piece of art Rebecca welded.... you should come check it out and hang out on the deck with me and the kids!

Love Love