Monday, September 27, 2010

No news is good news

So news... is not good... Rebecca has been feeling worse for a while and we have both been worried that this chemo is no longer being effective. We just got this weeks tumor marker test results and they have jumped back up to 140 (below 40 being normal and last weeks being in the 80's).

The good news... we get to go see Dr Gordon, have some more tests, decide what to do next... nice together time.

Watch this space.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


It has been largely silent here on the blog and whenever we are asked how Rebecca is doing we say 'fine'. What are you going to say? Part of the problem is she looks healthy enough and it’s not like anything dramatic has changed. The problem is she feels like crap a lot of the time. Half the time she isn’t healthy enough to get her chemo… That’s always a fun puzzle to workout, how is one mean to feel about that?

She had a full chemo last week and spent the next 4 days laid-up with a fever. Today she did not get her scheduled chemo as her blood counts were not OK. Next week she was meant to have an off week but now she needs to try to have the chemo. Meanwhile her ‘tumor markers’ continue to fluctuate. Last year at this time they were 64; this year they are 91. (39 is normal).

I am very fortunate that I get to work from home and rarely have to go on business trips so I get to support Rebecca a lot more than many working folks could. However, next week I have a series of meetings in Ohio that I really need to be at. Unfortunately this includes being in Ohio over the weekend (of the 20th) and into the next week. I will be gone from Monday the 13th till Tuesday 21st. We will need help! We will post what we need on the Lotsa Helping Hands site but wanted to give you all this heads-up. It’s tough, Rebecca looks like she is doing so well, but generally feels pretty bad, she can ‘fake it’ but that really isn’t good for her and she pays a heavy price.

So despite the fact that we keep saying everything is ‘fine’ and Rebecca looks so good… we need to ask for help, again.