Thursday, November 12, 2009

long over due

So I feel very behind on updates, but that is because it has been hard to pin down how I am feeling. It can fluctuate from day to day or hour to hour. I have not wanted to send all of you on the roller coaster with me. I am generally doing much much better than I was last year at this time. I am on Gemzar. The chemo is quick (1 hour in and out), and gives me a fever the day of. The next day I can be wiped, or fine. My energy can be good on chemo days/weeks or bad on non chemo days/weeks. Go figure. I am getting a weird neuropathy, that also comes and goes, that is like an ache on my skin.

This week I got the doctor’s permission to skip chemo and go on Ze’ev’s overnight field trip to Monterey! Then I come back Friday and go with some friends to Tahoe to celebrate one if their b’days!

I am generally more functional on the home front, being in charge of dinner many nights, do laundry, grocery shop ( I love grocery shopping)… more normal stuff.

We have not been getting people to feed us, but we might start again on chemo days, keep you posted on that.

I got some great work on my neck and head lately that has really increased the old blood flow. Literally and figuratively. I have been thinking more clearly and remembering more. I managed to coordinate my travel this week in a low stress organized fashion. That has felt really good and empowering for me.

We are having fun on the dale family farm, which is shown on our blog.  I had no idea that kale just keeps growing and growing, wondering if it will die when it grows taller than me and then falls over. Its at about 3 feet now… The chickens love it.

I love you and if you have specific questions I can answer, please ask.Otherwise, it is just how my life is. It may seem especially hard to you, but at this point for me, it is just life. Sometimes hard, sometimes not.

Thank you and love to you all!!!
love love