Monday, November 08, 2010

Dem's da facts

This is short and sweet, because frankly, I am getting sick of being sick and talking about it. here goes:
So... my tumor marker went up while I was getting my alternative acupuncture treatment. I also got the side effects of difficult breathing and orthostatic hypotension. The modern doc's did not know what to do with it. My regular acupuncturist is really helping. When I first wrote this, this morning, I thought my breathing was fine, but then had to move and go to a chiro apt. Well, it is at least fine when I do not move... The O.H. is better, but I am woozy a bit still. Acupuncturist does not believe that the alternative treatment was not a success. It is still to be seen.

I am going to start a new chemo though. It is a pill that I take 2 times a day for 14 days, then take a week off. It's main side effects are hand and foot syndrome - which is peeling and cracking of my hands and feet- and diarrhea. The doc says it can be very well tolerated as chemos go... So we will see.

Last Friday, I had a flu shot. Unfortunately, it gave me a fever for the weekend. When I recover from that enough to go get my bloods done, I will. When I pass my blood test, I will start this new form of chemo pill. Looks like I will at least try to get them done tomorrow.

Dem's da facts
love to you all