Wednesday, February 04, 2009

good news from rebecca

So... The oncologist agrees that since my voice problem is not caused by cancer, I do not yet need chemo. I am going to continue on the Faslodex for a few months and then get checked again by scan and blood. YIPPIEEE!

I have a date for my 'procedure' to have the polyp removed. March 12th. It is a while to wait with this silly voice, but it is a non-urgent issue. That is always good. Looks like we get Gill & Michael for this chunk of time (Andy's folks!). We are being spoiled by visitors.

Amy and Abe were here this weekend with Dad, who stayed on for the week while Andy is out of town. We had a great weekend with Amy cooking (She is AMAZING). All had a good time. Now I am having a quiet week with dad helping me out. My energy is still fluctuating. The steroids (for the poison oak) first gave me a ton of energy two weeks ago and now they have sent me into a tail spin of tired as I weened off of them. I have been off for a couple of days, so the energy is balancing nicely. At least I am sleeping now.

Now I am struggling with a big long list of things to get done (taxes and stuff for kids schools...) Blech!! I am taking it very easy though. I thought you folks would want to know that.

love to you all. Thank you so much for all of your help and love.