Tuesday, December 12, 2006

She's Back... We're Off

Hi everyone, Life is very different now. Andy, the kids & I are in Los Angeles with Andy’s Sister Julia and her family, Michael & cousins Kayla & Emma. It’s great to be here.

I was home from South Africa on Thursday, and we left for our December Mexico Vacation on Saturday night. We will be back home at the beginning of January. Ironically, it has been a very relaxing slow time

South Africa.

I went to see a healer who has an amazing gift. Leo is online but does not discuss his work on his website. He is a Shaolin marshal arts master. You can see him if you go to www.shaolin.co.za. But you may be disappointed. There is not much to see unless you are interested in the marshal arts. He worked with my aura and has made a huge difference. I feel great and many people have separately described me as ‘radiant.’ Not bad eh? I am going to have an oncology appointment during the second week of January. Before that, I will have some blood tests to see how I am doing.

I went with my cousin Deana on my mom’s side of the family. We had a wonderful peaceful time together. We were very fortunate to get an amazing guest house in Johannesburg, walking distance from the healer. Because Jo’burg has so much in common with a Texas suburb, we ended up having to rent a car. I drove on the other side of the road!! And returned the rental car unscathed!!

I was worked on between 4 & 7 hours per day. That left a lot of time for resting and finding food. That was about it. Friday – Sunday I did not have a treatment, so we went north on what everyone said was a 5 hour drive that took us 8 hours each way, to a private game park. That is a place that has wild animals wandering around. We went on safari!! We saw the ‘big 5’- Water buffalo, Rhinocerous, Elephant, Lion & Cheetah as well as a bunch of other animals including zebras and giraffes. It was beautiful.

The biggest surprise of the trip was the quality of food in South Africa is STUPENDOUS! Which made the trip that much more enjoyable. It was very similar to California food with huge salads and very fresh, mostly organic food.

Right now we are headed to Baja California, which is in Mexico. We have no reservations anywhere, just a general direction to head. We have our cell phones, but no computer. Don’t know if the cells are going to work down there or not. I am aware that so many people have so many questions to ask me about my experience. I don’t think I have many answers though. It was simply fabulous and I am grounded and happy. One of the main differences in my life is that I am slowing down. So I look forward to seeing and speaking to all of you out there, but it might take a while.

Love to you all and thank you for your love and prayers.


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