Friday, October 02, 2009

So far so good

It is Friday morning. Rebecca started on her new chemo, gemzar, on Tuesday. She had a slight fever and headache that same day but subsequently has been doing pretty well. She has experienced a little, but not much, nausea. She has been tired, that could be from the chemo or it could be from the poor sleep she's been having.

Meanwhile... Sylvia from work provides us with a visualization aid to work with. I want to see this page go viral! I find it strangely compelling and could spend hours cycling through. THANKS Sylvia!! -


Rachel said...

I love the visualization video game!!!

Julie said...

I love to heal your liver! I'm addicted. I've done it about 100 times now, and I keep going back for more. Also, you in a bee suit is too awesome! I trust that honey is yummy!! Love you sooo much. Miss you sooo much. You are all in all of our hearts.