Thursday, November 02, 2006

From Rebecca

Hi everyone out there. Thank you for keeping track of what is going on with me. So far it really is not a lot. I have done a ton of research on alternative healing options for cancer. It seems that there is a lot out there. If you want to know what I have found, get the book ‘Outsmart your Cancer.’ I have also looked into Ayervedic medicine, Tibetan medicine and Chinese medicine. I am starting with a combination. There is a doctor in Sebastopol (yes it is a 3 hour round trip!) who is an MD, Chinese doctor and Homeopath who does his own combination of treatments specifically for cancer patients. Isaac Aliaz. It is funny because my last Chinese doctor who got me through my first round of cancer was Isaac Cohen. Two Israeli, Isaac, Acupuncturists for cancer. The first Isaac has stopped seeing patients and has gone into research around getting key compounds out of herbs and into little pills approved by the FDA for things like menopause. It has worked for my hot flashes and emotional roller coaster, so I hope that he can help others.

I found Isaac through personal connections and have met some of his patients who are cancer free and doing very well.

SO FAR…. I have gone to Amitabha Clinic one time to do the intake and meet the nutritionalist on staff. I have drastically altered my eating. I am doing 3 things:

1. Alkalizing my body. We all have a ph in our chemistry. Cancer seems to like a highly acid body. You can look on line to see a list of acid/alkaline foods. Needless to say, sugars and fatty foods are at the top of the acid column. I went through Halloween without eating one piece of candy!! I almost fell off the wagon last night, but I kept it down to eating almond butter and homemade blueberry jelly on rice crackers. That is about as sweet as I get.

2. Why almond butter, well I am also trying to ‘Insulin Balance.’ When one eats sugar, ones body produces and insulin spike. One gets addicted to these spikes. Boy howdy, they are my drug of choice. So then when ones blood sugar drops the body eats more sugar to get the insulin. So….another reason to not eat sugar. If one does want sugar if it arrives in the body with fats and oils, then at least it gets processed slowly and there is less insulin. Therefore, almond butter. Why not peanut butter? Well..

3. I am also doing an ‘Elimination diet.’ I have taken all possible allergens out of my diet for a week and I am reentering them into my diet one every two days. I will see if my body goes haywire each time. So far I reentered wheat last night. Boy did I miss wheat!! So far no reaction. I did not expect one. Most people know that I had to take milk out of my diet 17 years ago (ok that makes me feel old) but not everyone knows that about 10 months ago, I put it back into my diet. It has been yummy, but this time I had to take both milk and soy out of my diet. I am guessing that I will be able to eat small amounts of milk products, but not the quantities of cheese that were happening, and very little soy. That is my guess. Let’s wait and see what my body says.

So the Alkalizing is working, I have reduced my insulin, I and I am going to my first Isaac visit on Nov 26ish. I can’t remember the date off the top of my head.

I am also meditating almost daily and slowing my life way down. I have reduced my clients. I only have 3 clients that I see weekly and two that I see monthly. I am spending less time with other people and more time alone. I am actually enjoying my own company more than I used to. I think that is due to the meditation. I am also not being so hard on my self. Something that people have been trying to get me to do since I was just a little little kid.

So once again, I am planning on beating this thing once and for all, by getting rid of it this time and changing my life so that I am not creating an environment in my body that is conducive to cancer.


Jeff and Helen said...

Hi Rebecca and Andy,
We are following your progress closely, and although we are at the other side of the 'pond' we are rooting for you all as hard as anyone else.We send you our love and fond wishes and sincerely hope to be reading of better things soon.
Helen and Jeff

Michelle said...

Hi Rebecca and Andy,
Warm thoughts from India, land of alternative therapy. FYI, I have seen studies showing that Tai Chi results in significant increase in CD4CD25 regulatory T cells, in case that helps. Lots of love from India, Michelle.