Saturday, November 04, 2006

Two things

As you know, one of the goals or Rebecca’s change of diet has been to change the acidity of her body. She has been eating foods that promote a less acid, more balanced, PH. When she started 2 weeks ago her PH was 5 she has now got a PH of 7. 7 is a neutral… now she has to maintain.

A moment about me, for those of you who wonder what I do; here’s a press release that doesn’t help you understand… But apparently I do it well.


Jonathan Simon said...

The PH switch sounds dramatic. I hope it makes the cancer feel like going back to sleep. You guys both sound super busy which is healing in its own way. Any time it would be good for your kids to come home with Esther and Avi from JCC, or BE, or elswhere, dine with us, do homework, etc. Let me know , even last minute works.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca and Andy,

Hola from Neuvo Mexico. Count me as part of the cheerleading team rooting for you to beat the cussed cancer once and for all.

I've been reading up on the pH diet (since I hadn't heard about it before). Really interesting!

Sending all kinds of good vibes in your general direction,

Rachel W.