Tuesday, November 11, 2008

But me no Buts

Rebecca started her new treatment today... 2 injections... one on each side. 

She has been receiving distance healing from Leo (the guy in South Africa) every day this week. 

Thursday she returns to the Tibetan doctor.

Larry, Rebecca's dad has been here since Sunday. I have been at a conference this week and he has been more than picking up the slack. Not only has he been getting the kids out the door in the mornings and home in the afternoon; he's been cooking and doing laundry... He's actually catching up on our insane laundry backup.  THANKS LARRY.

Next week I'm back in Dublin so yet again we will need help. After this trip I'll be home for while.

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G'ma G 'n G'pa M said...

Well done, Larry - and thanks from G'ma G & G'pa M in London.
Hope the side-effects of the injections aren't too bad, Rebecca....
Much love - we're rooting for you,