Friday, November 21, 2008

From Rebecca's mouth to your ear...

Hi, Rebecca here. Much less eloquent than Andy, but here are some quick facts.

So folks want to know what is up and we have not been very forthcoming with updates. Life is just moving slowly. No I am moving slowly. It is something that I have been working toward for a long time and I am trying to maintain it.

Some days I feel almost normal. That means a little woozy if I move to fast, like get out of the car and think I can just move normal pace (for me). Other days, I can do things, but I have to take breaks and sit down between. I call it fragile. Too much motion or noise or too many people at one time make me very woozy and want to hide. Some people have lived their entire lives like this. It is just new to me.

I think that a lot of this is caused by the energy work that is being done on me.

So here is a break down of everything that is happening:

Kaiser is giving me Faslodex, which is a hormone blocker. This has been agreed as the best next step for my treatment because I am ER positive, so I don’t need chemo just yet (yippie). At first my neck got more swollen and tender, which only today I found out means that it is more likely to work. Good news. It is a shot once a month. We are doing it for 3 months and then getting a scan. That will be in end of Jan beginning of Feb.

The integrative doc in Sebastapol, Amitabha Clinic, does anything under the sun that they understand works. They agreed that the Faslodex is a good thing. They also give me lots of supplements and other pills to take. I am on a low acid, high alkaline diet from them. I get IV therapy that has Vitamin C, K, B, DMSO and lots of other good stuff in there. I do that supposedly once a week.

The Chinese and Tibetan doctors work together. I have seen them together two times under the Tibetan medicine direction, two weeks apart. I take herbs from them 3 times a day. They agree that my healing over that two weeks was very huge and that if it goes at that rate, I will be in great shape. Good news. I see the Chinese doc alone and get acupuncture from him next week.

Leo in South Africa has been working on me for the last two weeks doing distance healing. Both he and Brian (another healer I am in contact with) say I am responding well. More good news. I believe he is the cause of most of my exhaustion right now as I was mostly recovered from the pneumonia before he started.

So that sums it up.

Andy has been out of town this week and Allen Poole has been here helping out from Oregon. He is fabulous and we have had a great time. Andy comes back tomorrow, Allen leaves in an hour. Andy does not leave town without us any more in 2008. Yippie!!

I have been having some people cook for me and some shop for me. We have signed up for a computer system that will organize our helpers, but have not set it up yet. We don’t know what we are going to need quite yet. I am hoping to have an ongoing 2 meals a week support to cover us while Andy is working and I am getting back on my feet. I do not know how much energy I am going to have after Leo winds up his work. He has one more week left.

I am loving hearing from everyone, but don’t always stay on the phone long. Please don’t take it personally. I love each and every one of you.

More later.

Gotta take Allen to the train.


Bridget Wynne said...

Thanks so much for the update, Rebecca. I'm glad you are connecting with good healers. I have been thinking about you a lot and wondering how you're doing, but didn't want to call again soon since I know you're tired. I thought I'd get a bit of news from whoever was available when I dropped off dinner at your place on Wed. night but then, as you probably heard, I got a virus and didn't want to chance sending food made in a house with too many germs! I'm getting better, so soon we will sign up again to bring you all dinner. It's great that Andy won't be traveling for the next while. I hope you can all have the restful time that you need -- at least, that the grown-ups need. Work seems to slow down for most people in December and it'll be great if that's true for Andy. I don't know if the kids need restful time or not. If not, hopefully they'll be able to deal with you and Andy getting some! Love from Julia, Avi & me

Nancy said...

Rebecca - keep in mind that I am in your neighborhood fairly often - so when you need something, you or Andy should call me 925-451-7514 and I can drop it buy. Or, I can just guess - and bring surprises by.

I love you, Nancy

Rachel said...

Hey chica,

Excellent update. I'm sending you all lots and lots of psychic love from New Mexico. I'd also like to send you guys some meals once you get the computer-sign-up-thingy running. In the meantime, I just found out that Hanukkah doesn't start until December 21st. What's up with that?!



Denise Wolf said...

Hi, guys. Rebecca, could you or Andy make a list of alchaline foods you can eat, so when we bring chow we can be sure to feed you as well as the kids?

Joel told me he saw you at farmer's market yesterday. I'm so glad you are re-energized some, out and about! It was so great hanging out with you last week. Your soulful, honest, funny presence was just what I needed that day. Can we do it again soon?