Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tumor marker story

So. My tumor marker was not as bad as I thought it could be. For the Bat Mitzva, I took off a week of chemo and wiped my self out as well. That took my marker up to 100 (from the 62-72 that it was hanging out at). Normal is 36 and below. It has not been there for a very long time. It got back down to 62-72 since I had pneumonia. During pneumonia I think it was up near 156 or something. This week it was down to 98. So I am slowly stabilizing and maybe even going back down again.

This is taking a lot of work on the part of our whole family. I am not moving very much these days. Today is a dear friend's Bat Mitzva and I am missing it right now. This Wed was my first week of a new round of chemo. Two weeks on, one week off = one round. It is Sat now and I still have not shaken the fever. That tells me that my body is still pretty weak. The good news is that I tolerated the chemo better this time than the round that started right after Merav's Bat Mitzva. So... despite feeling yucky, I am doing better than I was.

I just put out a request for some help on the website. If you want to be on it and are not, let us know.

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