Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meee and my luuuungs (sing to Me and my Shadow)

so... I have been having some trouble breathing. It started two weeks ago right after chemo. It is not a standard side effect, so who knows... Anyway. I have been doing the acupuncture 3 times a week for the last two weeks and energy work the other two days. That has been holding the breathing problem at bay and working significantly on my liver, in a good way. By Friday, I was doing better. Sat, I took it easy, But Sunday was the Makers Fair. I took it easy, but still did the whole day. We had a booth there for sunflower seed oil and oil production. It was really fun, but wiped me out. By 7 when we got home, I was fried. My upper body tensed up and my breathing was worse. Mond. We went to see my oncologist. He said "I eyeball good". Quite the complement from him, but means that I do not look like I am really in bad shape. As many of you have said, I look good... go figure. My oxygen levels in my blood were better than his! (We were testing to make sure the machine was on, so he tested himself tool :-)) He did not hear anything in my lungs that sounded like cancer and I can breathe deeply, just very slowly. The decision is that my asthma has kicked in again. For folks that have not known me since childhood, I got asthma in 4th grade and got it to calm down by college.
So. all of my inhalers, that I tried before going to the doc, were all expired by years. I got new ones yesterday, both regular and steroid. I am breathing much better now....but... Starting last night, every time I stand up, I start to pass out. It has happened to me before, mostly in the middle of the night going to the bathroom, but not like this. So I am taking it super easy and not getting up unless I really need to. I am going to be asking for more help on driving needs these days, including getting me places. I do not know how long this is going to last. Hopefully, only a couple of days.
Life is very interesting. It really has lots of unusual twists and turns. Hope yours is going well.
love love

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Denise Wolf said...

Hi, Rebecca. Ashthma, feh! I'm glad the new inhalers are working. Sorry we've been out of the loop on dinners and such. Once the Bat Mitzvah is over hopefully I'll have a bit more capacity.
I love you!