Tuesday, March 01, 2011

we are back

Hi all,
We are back from Puerto Rico. It was a lovely and restful vacation.  We did not do a ton other than hang out with the Dales East (Andy's brother's family), go to the beach, pool, out to eat, and rest around the amazing house we were in.  I (Rebecca) mostly hung out on the couch and whipped through quite a few books.  It was good to have down time and know that the family was not waiting for me, but out having lots of fun.  We went out in the world a bit. We found the local health food store to get food for me. That was a good adventure.  Andy went with family to the rain forest.  We had a golf cart to get around and there were lots of friends for Ze'ev there; lizards, bugs, and huge iguanas.  He even managed to bug one of the smaller ones (the size of his forearm) into biting him. He was very proud of it.
Travel went well and we all returned rested for a change. Usually it is easy to come back from vacation needing a vacation, but with the r & r we got we were in good shape the day after we returned.  I am now getting tired from doing and doing since I got home. I did not realize how much I take care of when I am home and I need to pace myself.  The acupuncturist said that I did not over do it on vacation which is really good.  I did not have any treatments while I was there, so I came back weaker than when I left, but no damage was done. This is good.
Just thought you should know, we did it. We might not do it again, but we did it.

love to all.


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Bridget Wynne said...

I am so glad you had a good vacation. Rebecca, congrats on not overdoing it! Very impressive. Can you do it at home, though? Much harder, I'm sure.

Thank you so much for updating us.

As you say, love love


Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca, I am so glad that you all had a great time, just take care now your home. I know that it's easy to get sucked into the 'what needs to be done' but sometimes it really doesnt! Tell Ze'ev that I have plenty of furry and feathered things to play with when he is next in the UK. Take care my sunshine, my love to you all. Tasha XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX