Thursday, March 10, 2011

the latest

So, I had chemo yesterday.  They give me steroids when I do it and I already had some energy, so now I am bouncing off the walls!  It should calm down in a day or two... The good news is that my tumor marker went from 714 to 412! That is in the right direction very quickly.  That was in one month.  
Andy started planting seedlings today.   I am going to go rest and try not to buzz around the house.

love to you all.


G'ma G 'n G'pa M said...

Try not to bounce too hard - and leave the buzzing to the bees.
Good News! Great! LOFL

Denise Wolf said...

Buzz, buzz, buzz. Time to organize those closets and clean out the refrigerator (not!).

Congrats on the tumor marker! That's a remarkable drop after just a month. Doxil to the rescue!