Thursday, April 07, 2011

April Update

I had a CT Scan last week and it came out representative of my last blood test.  The liver cancer has shrunk and the lung is stable and not doing much.  I have been dealing with heat in my hands which is a toxicity response to the cancer. Because it was still going on this week, the doc postponed chemo for a week. YAY!!! so I have a week off.  I feel ok, just a bit tired but glad to have the chemo break.  
Have some visitors this weekend, so I am laying low and hanging with them.
love to you all!
love love

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rebbeca that is fantastic news!! I dont know if this would be of any help to you, but a good homeopathic remidedy for heat or redness is Bella Donna, I give it to Bart when his foot is burning, hot shooting pain I also use it on Meska too, but that is a whole other story! Have a chat with your guys and see if they feel that it may be helpful. Take care lovely, much love to you all.