Thursday, May 19, 2011

And This Week

So.. I skipped a week for chemo. Yesterday, I got it. It went well. The last two rounds of chemo have been 5 week rounds instead of 4 week rounds. Last time it was because I wanted a break. This time it was because I felt so yucky, I wasn't up for it. I had a fever for a little over 3 weeks. I think it is gone now, but I am playing it super safe. The tumor marker went down to 146. That is good. All of my bloods are good, except the ALT, a hormone from the liver that goes up when there is too much of it in the blood, and the biliruben, another liver test. The biliruben is not as high as it was before, but yesterday's chemo was only half a does because of how high it was. I am glad it was only a half a chemo.
It seem that the side effect having the biggest effect on me is appetite. I am just not eating enough. I am very skinny. Haven't weighed this since something around 10th grade (that is before my growth spurt....) I am trying to eat more. Official permission to eat chocolate daily because the fat will slow the sweet to move through my body.
Today is steroid day number one. I am laying in bed buzzing. I have been a bit dizzy when I stand up, so I am not doing it that much. Steroids mean that I feel like I have buzzing energy and want to do a ton, but really, I am wiped out. I have to not use this 'false' energy because it will really do me in when the steroids wear off. Good movie suggestions always appreciated. I like light hearted, thoughtful, comedy is good...nothing depressing, unless it is also really funny.

love to you all

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Rachel said...

Okay, you asked for it -- here are my go-to comedies:

30 Rock
Blazing Saddles
Best In Show
The Big Lebowski
The Princess Bride
Life of Brian
Parks and Recreation
The Office
Arrested Development