Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Overdue update

The last few weeks have been tough... Rebecca has had a nasty cough. Having the paralyzed vocal chords means that she doesn't clear phlegm very effectively so she coughs and coughs and coughs... and laying down coughing... her back finally gave up and started to spasm. Yesterday we got her some muscle relaxants and some pain killers (with the obligatory supplemental 'softeners').

Today I sent this email to her oncologist in anticipation of tomorrow...

Dear Dr Gordon,

It is the Tuesday before a chemo Wednesday for Rebecca and she is doing pretty poorly. We saw Dr. Jordan yesterday because of her general shortness of breath, yucky feeling, on-going low grade fever, etc... A chest x-ray concludes that she does not have pneumonia but leaves me continuing to wander why she had a 101 fever during the night and is now upstairs coughing up her proverbial lungs (largely but not entirely unproductively).

Given how she's feeling I find it hard to imagine her having chemo tomorrow... what do you think?

As Always, THANKS

Love to you all!

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Bridget Wynne said...

Ugghh. Sorry to hear Rebecca's feeling so yucky. How incredibly frustrating it must be to have gone from the great news of the tumor markers going down, to lying around having such pain and discomfort. I hope the meds help a LOT, and hope there are soon some useful next steps to help her feel better.

Thanks so much for the update, Andy.

Bridget (and Julia and Avi)

P.S. Avi loved working at your place, but then got sick for over a week and got behind on homework, so hasn't been able to do it again. I know he wants to get back to it. Thanks for having him and Julia; they both had a great time.