Thursday, September 15, 2011

A week attempt at stretching the title theme

Well, I promised myself I would write at least weekly updates for now.. so here I am.

And that pretty much sums up how I am feeling: If I give myself structure then I can follow it, I can walk through all of the actions of the day but I continue to feel like I'm playing a role rather than living a life.

I have started working again although holding any focus is very hard. I am trying to at least contribute what I can from my 'expertise'. It's kind of strange how radically the world has changed and yet these systems that I work on still seem to work in the same basic way. It's kind of comforting, in a way.

The kids continue to live life and miss their mom. Less tears, but still plenty. We talk about Rebecca a fair amount and we talk about our loss... we try to understand how to best take care of ourselves.


Dyanna said...

I remember that feeling of culture shock and dislocation from when my father died. How can everything be different and yet everything is the same? I hope there are increasingly more moments of peace.

Love to you all,

Rebecca said...

Sending lots of love from Arizona...Thanks for sharing your journey. I pray there is some healing that happens in the process.

Much love,
Rebecca and the Gang