Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dear diary...

Sunday afternoon. Rebecca is getting stronger as she gets over the pneumonia. I'm hoping that with the pneumonia gone and her apatite returning that life will regain some semblance of normality, at least for a while. A lot hinges on what treatment happens and how it makes her feel. It doesn't seem that the cancer itself is symptomatic at this point. Her breathing and swallowing are pain free... I was afraid that they wouldn't be.

We are talking with the kids and trying to give them the support they need and the space to be sad, angry and indifferent. They seem to be doing OK given the circumstance.

I'm off on a week long business trip. Emily, our house mate, will be helping Rebecca for the week with the running around as well as some awesome carpool community. Feel free to call Rebecca on the home phone she will answer or not based on her ability to do so. Home phone is better than cell as we are both racking unreasonable amounts of cell minutes.

Love you all...


Jeff and Helen said...

Our thoughts and Good Karma are wing their way accross the ocean and beyond.
Our fondest love to you all.
Helen and Jeff

Allen Poole said...

Thanks, Andy, for giving us a way to learn what you two are going through on all different levels. I look forward to seeing you soon, and I'm thinking of your 4 always.