Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TB or not TB

Rebecca SHOULD be coming home tomorrow after a needle biopsy and the installation of her port. If you don't know how lucky Rebecca is to have a port you should watch or listen to "God Said, Ha!" by Julia Sweeney.

I'll let you know what the results are once we hear


Anonymous said...

checking in from Findhorn regularly. Thinking of you all as you claw, meander and sift your way through this all -and teach the doctors about humour in the face of adversity. loving you xxxx Deborah etc

kezia said...

hello its kezia here
it is very sad that rebecca is in hospital and i hope she is out soon

good wishes to you all
x kezia

Rebecca Greco said...

Yeah! Am so glad that she may be getting out. Please do keep me posted about how best to support any/all aspects of the family Dale. Take care and lots of love to all of you,
Rebecca Greco (the other Rebecca)