Wednesday, October 22, 2008

There's no place like home

Just click your heels together 3 times and say "I feel nauseous stop driving like a lunatic!"... Just kidding she was actually feeling fairly stable by the time we drove home.


We got back the results of the needle aspiration, they confirmed cancer, no infection. It sucks that there's no infection as we can't blame any of the size of the lumps on anything but the cancer.

The final TB (loogie) test came back negative... She doesn't have TB.

Today she had the needle biopsy and her port installed. It went as well as these things can go.

So the situation as we currently understand it is this:

Rebecca's cancer has spread significantly through various parts of her chest and up into her neck. The cancer in the lungs created little pockets for bacteria to breed and that's why she got pneumonia. She is on antibiotics to deal with the pneumonia.

Based on the results of todays biopsy we will know if the tumor is still hormone receptor positive. This knowledge will let us know if she can still try alternate hormone therapies or if it is straight on to chemo. The project for the next week or so is working out her treatment plan.... I'll let you know what are choices and decisions are as we go.

As well as whatever the oncologist recommends we will continue to pursue other options from other healing traditions.


Anonymous said...

shit - what else is there to say. other than the extraordinary way you keep finding humour andy. I love you all- all the way from the far north-east of Scotland and back xxxxxxxxx Deborah ps. I keep selecting anonymous cos I don't know what else I am -how did I end up as your sister then ?????

Anonymous said...

shit. what else is there to say? other than keep appreciating your capacity to find humour andy. `i love you all - all the way from the far north-east of Scotland and back xxxxxx Deborah ps. I keep signing in as anonymous cos even tho I ended up as your sister andy I don't know what other profile to give myself :)

Anonymous said...

This sucks! Is there anyway we can be helpful to you? We are Dana Keeler-Wolf's parents, Virginia and Todd

Anonymous said...

This is shitty. Big hugs to all of you. I want to zoom there and be with you. I love you and am thinking of you constantly. Love, Love, Love, Merrie