Tuesday, December 09, 2008

She says...

So, I went to the oncologist today and it was a good visit. He was pleased at how much my tumor has shrunk. He does not have the best bedside manner but that is how he deals with his stress. When I am doing well, he is all smiles. Anyway, I am low energy still, which is a bummer, so he is going to check me for possible anemia next week when I get my second dose of faslodex.

I am doing really well. My tumor is shrinking like mad!! Life is going on pretty much as normal here, except that I have a lot more time because I do not work any more and that I am tired. The fatigue is getting old and today I decided to just do something, so I worked in the office and cleaned.

I have now hired someone to do my finances because I cannot do for myself what I used to do for others. A bit annoying and also exciting. I feel like I am moving up the food chain. There is something that I do not have to do myself. Wahoo. Hence, I spent today cleaning the office for her. Ok… so one step back…

I find myself now much more sensitive to noise and people energy than I have in the past. It seems I am able to do things like clean the office, but not stand in a store that has music blaring with static. Considering that I used to be the one who spent a party flitting from one group to the next and turning the music up, this is now a different way for me to be. I guess I feel a bit grown up about it. Oh well. Despite my best efforts to be Peter Pan, life finally got me to grow up.

Today has been a really good day (read: shopping!). I got out of the house and got a few errands done as well as spent a little time at a clothing store that has this great after thanks giving sale. The clothes are awesome, but for some reason I was the only one in there under the age of 60…I guess it was the time of day?? I also took the kids to a couple of stores and felt like my grandmother when I got to Walgreens ( a little too excited over such an expedition), but I really did have a long list!! Now I am going to make dinner (more activity) and I am looking forward to it. I am not drained. Hey, I did take an iron pill today. Maybe I am just anemic. That would be cool. An easy solution.

So anyway I am meandering, which is pretty much the flow of my life right now. The real bummer to my fatigue is that the family is going to go to England for the holidays without me. I am sad that I do not get to partake in the festivities, but I am also looking forward to the quiet time. Lots of it. My body is healing very well, but it is very tiring. I have never understood what about a long flight that could wipe you out, other than jet lag. Now just thinking about it makes me tired. So for all of you near by, if you are around and want to hang, I am going to be doing a little of that too. I might get booked and have to say no so I am not overbooked, but that is unlikely.

Love to everyone. I am gonna be great thanks to all of your love and support.

Oh, we have a site up to help us get support, but it is not easy to get people signed up on it. It is taking way too long for us to organize this, but we have still been getting help from some people that we just cant get rid of.. If you want to use that service, please e-mail Andy with your e-mail address and he will get you on the list. ad@ootao.com You will then get an e-mail invitation from www.lotsahelpinghands.com. Then you can join it. A bit complicated, but we will have food lists up soon, as well as restaurant lists.


travis said...

Thanks for posting good news!! This is wonderful to hear.

It is unfortunate that you won't be going to England with the family, but there are many good sides to that as well. For example, we get more fun time with Rebecca, and you don't have to eat any English breakfasts.

G'ma G 'n G'pa M said...

Hey Travis - so what's wrong with English Breakfasts? It's just Forage, Borage & Porridge.
Good news, 'Becca - thanks for the Blog update; we're going to miss you greatly - but we promise to look after the other three and give them lots of fun.
Keep taking the iron!
LOtsa love from London,

Anonymous said...

Yes, good news!
I guess I know why Ravi & Ze'ev didn't answer the phone yesterday. We'll try calling again, just for you!

Allen & Brita