Wednesday, January 21, 2009

and then...

So. After the bad CT scan, we have found out that there is a small chance that the Faslodex is causing dead cancer cells to slough off into my blood. That is a sign of more success. The oncologist does not think that is the case in my situation. My jury is out until I talk to my Tibetan and Chinese doctors who work together. I realize that my health may not be particularly spectacular, but that is not going to hinder me from getting all of the perspectives. That is going to happen late next week. I will be sure to keep you posted for better or for worse.

This weekend was however, spectacular. We went up to Peter’s land outside of Healdsburg. It is the same place that I had my B’day party. It was just the four of us, Peter and his wife Solange. We had good food, lots of laughter, bonfire, tree planting, hiking adventures, kids driving 4 wheelers around to the grape fields, more food, slow mornings, learning about and watching the milling of big ole trees that were felled and left to rot by previous owners (it is not evil). Peter and Solange are very very funny and full of good stories. The stars were plentiful and very close. It was really really cool. It felt like more of a break than we have all had together in a long time. I guess since August when we were last there. It is very nice land.

However, no fun weekend goes unpunished. I got poison oak… So now I am on steroids and have a very itchy right forearm. I hope that it does not spread and I keep the itching under control with my own hot water scratching method. I put my arm under a stream of very hot water and let it itch to high heaven for about 5 minutes, and then it just stops itching. Its great because I can do it a few times a day and the rest of the time, I don’t itch.

Love to you all and may we all shoulder what ever we get as best we can.



Joel said...

Oh man did I love hot water when I had poison oak a year ago. It felt like demerol, this happy warm feeling spreading through me.

Sounds like a lovely weekend. Hope the Easterners have good news for you.


Denise Wolf said...

i like the last line, a prayer for us all. may we shoulder what we're given as best as we are able. three cheers for strong shoulders! and for our shoulders growing as needed. yours clearly are.

your weekend sounds like it was wonderful. clearly, you were alive to the beauty of the sky, the earth, your friends, and eachother.

xoxoxoxo i hope we can hang soon.