Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good news

Rebecca went to the Ear Nose and Throat guy yesterday and we discovered that the squeaky voice IS NOT due to tumor pressure on her Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve! (which is what both Dr Gordon and I thought it was). It turns out she has a polyp on her vocal cord.... This has nothing to do, directly, with the cancer. The indirect connection is that the polyp MAY have formed due to excessive coughing.

The polyp can be removed in a 10 minute 'procedure'. But then Rebecca will not be able to talk for a week (make all the jokes you want.. I'm not saying a thing.)

We are assuming that this will reduce the urgency to drop the faslodex and go to chemo. We need to talk to Dr Gordon about it but it was this concern that was driving the conclusion that the faslodex was not being effective. As always... Rebecca was right.


Jim Offel said...

That is really good news R & A! (But does this mean that Rebecca will be returning the white dress and mouse ears???)

Rebecca said...

just read and caught up a bit. Love to all of you. I'm glad to know how to sign up to be of actual material support--good for you for being so organized.
Take care,
Rebecca G.

Denise Wolf said...

A polyp - that makes more sense! I had a feeling that the voice thing had nothing to do with cancer. Rebecca, you make a very cute mouse, but it will probably nice to sound like yourself again!
**& I'm totally with you on continuing with hormone therapies for as long as possible. The more I read, the more I think that's the way to go for you (relatively) lucky ER+s.