Tuesday, May 26, 2009

End of round 2.

So. First of all, if you leave messages on this, sign them with your name because I do not know who you are all of the time by your sign in name.

It seems to be true that I write mostly during crisis. So no news really is good news...

I am doing pretty well. I am at the end of my second round (month) of chemo. It has been two weeks since I have gone in. I go in again tomorrow for the beginning of the 3rd round. I am doing better than when I started chemo, but I have begun to be chemo tired. It is a drag, and very unpredictable still, but I am letting go of the hope that I am going to continue getting more and more energy. I go get my bloods done today, so I will know what my tumor marker is tomorrow. I will let you all know. We look forward to chemo holidays. Hoping to time them with summer breaks.

We have had constant visitors, which has been nice. Two weekends ago, it was Andy’s brother, then John, a work person with Andy, came and was gone most of the time working. They day John left my cousin David, on my dad’s side, came. It was great to see him and we had fun, just not moving at the pace I wanted to move. I can do some of what I want, but then have to rest. I have managed to get sucked into a Richard Russo book. That is the most complex thing I have read in a while. I am enjoying ‘Bridge of Shadows.’ I take book requests, as I am going to have to get to the library soon.

The garden is an ongoing project. It is doing so well that the next projects are not staring us in the face. We can get creative now. I am looking at companion planting for the things we have in the ground and we are thinking about what the next round of planting is going to be. Already, I am buying less veg. because we have to eat the favas and the artichokes. The lettuce is now ready too…☺

This week is busy. I am starting to offer energy work to others. This is part of my healing and using the ‘energy’ in the universe. It is fascinating how energy work for others is also good for me. This is free, so if you are near by and would like to get worked on, I am starting slowly but would like to talk to you. I am very excited by this.

Love to you all and I hope all of you are having fun doing your thing.

Love love

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Brad Topliff said...

Yay for no news! When I used to travel, I found that I pulled out the journal when I was down or melancholy. Now I can look back on how bad it all was.

Hope to hear from you/not hear from you a lot.

Love you guys

Brad (Topliff) (Grace's Dad) (Jenn's husband) (Yeah, that guy)