Friday, May 01, 2009

Rebecca says:

Chemo continues. I went on Wednesday and everything went smoothly. They start giving it to me faster and I was out in 3 hours. I had acupuncture the same day after a couple hours at home. Dr. Bob (the acupuncturist) is shifting his focus from chemo adjustment to returning to building the body to fight the cancer. That works for me.
Good news. My tumor marker dropped from 186 to 161. That is one month’s progress. It is not surprising as I have had more energy. It is in the right direction, but not huge. Normal is below 39. It is not miraculous, but a good steady drop. The first time I went to South Africa, the tumor marker was at 110 when I left and 56 when I got back. That is huge. This time I have to be patient.
My voice is doing much better. It goes away sometimes, but mostly I can talk. Phone talk is hard because people do not understand me, the same way it is hard to understand kids on the phone. My voice is pretty high, or breathy.
I am constantly working on staying grounded in relation to whatever drugs are going through me. The steroids going up, and down, the benedryl and the chemo. I am working on holding steady in my body and trying not to over think too much.
Merav has been out of town all week and we miss her a whole big bunch. She comes back today. CANT WAIT! I thought I would be glad when the kids went away to summer camp, but now I am rethinking that. This summer they each go away for two weeks. They are going to different camps and they overlap being gone for 1 week.
Nothing very exciting going on here, I guess that is good for a change. I think of you all and wish you well. How are your lives?

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