Wednesday, January 12, 2011

day 1

Day 1. That is what the chemo nurses call the first day of a chemo round. This chemo I get only on day one. The round lasts for 28 days. So I am going to have a variety of phases to go through before I start. There are days that my bloods may be low and I am susceptible to infection. Days that I am more or less hungry.
Today: is day 3 of no fever, so it looks like I am over the flu. My biliruben was high in my blood so that means that my liver is having a rough time of it. Since my liver has to break down the chemo (that is also hard on the liver) they only gave me a half dose today of the new chemo. They also gave me a steroid that helps with nausea and lo an behold, I came home and ate more than usual. It felt really good. My goal is to eat a bunch more. I am down to 149 and fit in my cousin's skinny jeans again. They were on the shelf for a year...
I am glad I am on this chemo and think it is going to help. There are lots of side effects and most people do not get all of them. Nausea and burning mouth and hand/foot syndrome seem to be most common. I could lose my hair, but we will just wait and see. I am not cutting it off this time. The good news is that none of the side effects kicked in while I was getting it. That has happened before.
For those of you with iphones or ipod touches. Plants vs. Vampires took me through the whole chemo time. (Its a goofy game)
I am a bit hyped on steroids while being tired, so I am going to rest.
love to you all

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