Sunday, January 23, 2011


So, the weekend is over. I am doing a bit better than I was last week. Bob the acupuncturist is back in town, so I will see him tomorrow for the first time in a couple of months. My oncologist, when I saw him last week, said the magic words for me 'there is nothing you can do to support your liver'. Them's fighin' words. Of course that was exactly what I needed to hear. I did a bunch of research and found a couple of supplements and a liver friendly diet and I am generally feeling better. Better enough to get bored and grumpy.
Today, I stared a new therapy. It is called Quantum Pulse. It is a machine that one of my chemo nurses has at her house. She has invited me to come use it anytime and has given me a key to go in when she is not there. Thera are some amazingly good people in this world. You can research it on the internet, but basically it works on the assumption that the human body has an electrical charge of a certain type that is healthy. It creates that charge to reflect onto your body. Kinda telling it how to be healthy. I am going to try to go every day. Got not much to lose. She also has a detox footbath I did. I think it was too much, because my liver has been hurting today more and I am grumpy. I will lay off the foot bath, but keep trying the machine as it seems fairly gentle.
The kids are keeping busy and we are helping that to happen, so that is good. Andy and I are a bit stressed, what a shock, but are together. Tomorrow, Andy is going to go to work for a bit. He took all of last week off. So that will be a different rhythm. I have a couple of good books. Ever read Christopher Moore? He is really funny!
love love to you all.


Bridget Wynne said...

Thanks for the update. That's really something that the nurse is giving you her house keys! I was curious about Quantum Pulse, looked it up, and found references to the work of a Serbian scientist named Nikola Tesla. He sounds like quite an inventor and engineer, but the part about his personal life was best:

Tesla may have suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder, and had many unusual quirks and phobias. He did things in threes, and was adamant about staying in a hotel room with a number divisible by three. Tesla was physically revolted by jewelry, notably pearl earrings. He was fastidious about cleanliness and hygiene, and was by all accounts phobic about dirt and germs. He was obsessed with pigeons, ordering special seeds for the pigeons he fed in Central Park, and even bringing injured ones into his hotel room to nurse them back to health. Tesla was an animal-lover, often reflecting contentedly about a childhood cat, "The Magnificent Mačak." Tesla never married. He was celibate and claimed that his chastity was very helpful to his scientific abilities. Nonetheless there have been numerous accounts of women vying for Tesla's affection, even some madly in love with him. Tesla, though polite, behaved rather ambivalently to these women in the romantic sense.

You're right -- there are some amazing people in the world -- and some really strange ones!

Thinking about you both, Rebecca and Andy ...


Richard Dale said...

I love Christopher Moore ... makes me laugh out loud.
Sending lots of love.

=andy.dale said...

wow. great story Bridget!
love love

carol tessler said...

Thanks for the update.
Soooo... what can I do ???
Just let me know...
Maybe lunch brought in or out...
A few good laughs !!!
That is always good medicine.
Let me know.
Carol Tessler