Wednesday, January 05, 2011

quickie update

Hi folks.
So the chemo keeps getting postponed because I have a fever. I think it is pneumonia, but no one knows for sure. That is how crappy I feel though. In bed. Low fever, up to 100.3 that comes and goes for a couple of days at a time. No appetite. Yep, very skinny again. This is what happened 2 years ago for months before I went to the doc. I am not waiting this time. The doc's did not respond today, which is fine as I had acupuncture and two trips out would have done me in. Tomorrow I will push for a chest x-ray to get the scoop.
that's it right now.
love love


Anonymous said...

Sending tons of love. And soup sometime soon, too. And prayers. And more love.

Bridget Wynne said...

Thanks for letting us know what's happening, Rebecca. Yuck for feeling so tired, and yay for getting on the doctor route quickly. I think about you so much, and am grateful that you find the energy to update us.