Saturday, October 14, 2006


It's Saturday afternoon now. I called Kelly last night and she said she would get some information for us within 24 hours. She called back about an hour ago, at about 2:00, saying that she hasn't forgotten us but she is in surgery and she will call later when she has had a chance to have her radiologist have a look at the films.

Meanwhile we decided to talk to the kids about why we are acting stressed out. We told them, Ravi looked sad and Gideon didn't really get it. Later I talked with Ravi about the fact that people might ask if her mom is going to die. I told her that people used to always die of cancer but that isn't true any more. I implied that everything would be OK, I hope it's true. I'm glad I brought it up as her response was, "yup, I thought people always die of cancer".

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