Saturday, October 14, 2006

Here we go again

Well, we talked with Kelly and she pretty much said that we are talking about a metastasis on the right lung. The interventional radiologist said he may be able to attempt a biopsy. It sounds though like they are sure enough about what this is that they might just say, start Chemo and then watch for it to shrink on the ct scans. This is probably all premature though as Dr. Gordon, Rebecca’s oncologist, is on vacation and will not be able to weigh in until the week after next. It’s him that is going to be able to lay out the options for us the best.

I feel like I’ve been preparing for this for the last 5 years so I’m not as rocked as I could be. I might also just be in shock and not letting the impact really hit me yet. I can’t really get my head around what this all means.

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