Sunday, October 29, 2006

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The interventional radiologists decided that they would not perform a biopsy. However, the pulmonary surgeons have said they can do a biopsy easily. They say that by going in down the throat with a camera they can get what is needed in a procedure that is no more risky than having a wisdom tooth pulled. They say that they do 3 of these procedures a day.

Rebecca will probably be scheduled for the biopsy later this week or early next. I’ll let you know when I know.

Meanwhile, Rebecca has started the journey into alternate ways of addressing the cancer. She has started by radically evaluating her diet. She is currently on an exclusion diet where she has cut out a lot of food from her diet. Next week she will start reintroducing these foods and monitoring how she feels with the addition of each.

We have also been getting lots of information about alternate cures for cancer. The volume of testimonials of people being cured from cancers that doctors say can’t be treated is overwhelming and can’t be ignored. Given that Rebecca’s doctor has said ‘this isn’t curable’ it seems that relying on conventional medicine alone at this point would be pretty dumb. Now we are researching to which options we should try first. Rebecca is confidant that she WILL beat this.

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Amy said...

Andy & Becca:
Good to be investigating the alternative -- I've been going down that path on your behalf and reading about eating to neutralize your PH. I know of an instance where this helped a woman beat unbeatable odds for a long time with great quality of life.
You go girl!
Love, Amy (Nanna)
PS I can provide book and name of local D.C. practitioner, if you are interested.