Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The kids now know

This morning we told the kids that Rebecca has to go back on chemo. It was toughest for Merav who remembers last time, but Ze'ev is freaked out by Merav's response if nothing else. Then we went out to breakfast and went for a walk on the beach... I guess we should take them to school now. Tonight is 'circle of care', the kids support group; no coincidence that is happening today :-)


Denise Wolf said...

That sounds like a rough day, for everyone. Poor babies, I'm sure they're scared. I bet they'll feel better once you start and they are reassured to see that you are still you. This time around the chemo should not be as debilitating, since you won't have to deal with muscle stuff on top of treatment. Plus the kids are older, which should make them better able to deal with having a mommy who needs extra rest. Anyways, you have our love.

E said...

Hi guys,
We've been thinking about you so much and want to be in touch. So sorry to hear the news! :( Please let us help in any way we can. Any way! We'll call you! We know of a good immigration attorney in SF who handled Gabi's case solely for the filing fees because he was a Brandeis parent. His name is Michael Ungar. Tell him you're our cousin and see what he can do!
Sending lots of love...Elizabeth, Gabi, and Emilio
p.s. If you like, we can pick up the kids and take them to Desi's party on Sunday, and then bring them back home.