Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rebecca's daily

Today’s update is that I went to the Ear Nose Throat guy and he checked my surgery site. It looks good. He also told me that it looks like I could be dealing with acid reflux. Now if the valve in my throat that goes between my two tubes is not working, that acid can go into my lungs and start digesting my lungs. He thinks that I am having weakness in that muscle. Conveniently enough the accupunturist today worked in that area and freed some stuff up. The stomach acid in the lungs is a type of pneumonia. There is no way of knowing if I have that except for giving me acid reflux drugs and seeing if it helps. I asked if it is reversible. He said ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Once it is digested, it is gone, but the lungs can regenerate a little bit. I have become ok with becoming permanently on drugs, so I am also thinking about getting a sleeping med. Acupuncturist agrees that it is a great idea. Since surgery, my anxiety goes up at night because I have been having some difficulty breathing. So I have been drugging myself and it really has been great. Wanna go to sleep? Sure. Out like a light.

Since the acupuncture appointment, I have had more energy, which is nice. I am trying to pace myself and not use it all up. I will sleep on the wedge tonight again so that I am not flat. That seemed to help with breathing. Tomorrow I go to the Tibetan doc. He usually does not say much, just prescribes herbs.


Rachel said...

Rebecca, thanks for the updates. Given the news (both good and bad) it sounds like you are handling yourself with patience and loving kindness. I find your level of insight amazing and inspiring. Thank you for, well, being you.

I'm sending lots and lots of love and good thoughts your way.



P.S. I tried acupuncture for the first time last year and found it incredibly relaxing and calming.

P.P.S. And congrats to Ze'ev on his brown belt!

Molly said...

Hey Rebecca,
I have insomnia and I use Ambien a few times a week with good results. Otherwise I take 25-50 mg of Benadryl--that works most of the time.
Glad your energy is up.
Take care, sweetie.