Tuesday, March 17, 2009

third in one day!

I need an Immigration Lawyer... do we know any? I need to get my US Citizenship.


Jim Offel said...

Andy, Just saw your post and put out the word to two friends who are attorney's (alas, not immigration) to ask for referrals. I'll let you know if I get any recommendations.

Travis said...

Phyllis Jewell.

Contact info

Molly said...

Hi Rebecca and Andy,
Here's the immigration lawyer my clients recommend (they are both lawyers--married to each other--good people).

* Allan Tafapolsky
* http://www.tafapolskyandsmith.com/bio/tafapolsky.html
* 415-975-9800


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Allan Tafapolsky. I am out of the office on jury duty but John can send you his #. He went to law school with John, previously practiced with one of my colleagues and now has his own small firm. I have recommended him to clients, who have been pleased.

Rachel said...

Andy, I don't know any CA immigration attorneys. Sounds like you've gotten some good recommendations here though.