Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Nancy Says this could be called 'Day 1'

Hi everybody.
Just got back from a day at the doctor’s’ offices. The chemo appointment was at 8:30. There is practically no turn over in the department, so I had a nurse that I liked from last time, 8 years ago. That was really nice. Everything went very smoothly. They gave me some pre-drugs because some people respond negatively to the solution that the Taxol is given in. I got Pepcid, which cant hurt my esophagus problems. I got a steroid, blocking histamines, and benedryl preventing histamines. So being the light weight that I am, I slept the entire time. The chairs lay all the way back into a bed, and with three pillows that leads to good sleep and no back pain. I have a port, so I was not a pin cushion (that was great). I used a theory that the cancer likes sugar and when the chemo goes in with juice, the cancer wants the sugar from the juice so grabs both the chemo and the juice at the same time. So we shall see. I woke u at 12:55 and had an acupuncture apt at 1:15. Andy sat in on the pulse taking and talking part. I am glad he got to meet doctor Bob. He really is good. While having needles in me, I did forget where I was and what was going on. I think I went pretty doggone deep because next thing I knew, I figured it was time to as for the needles to come out. It was 3:45. I have been having trouble eating lately. Got home from Dr. Bob’s and raided the fridge. ☺ I feel happily full now.

The other doctor appointment I had this week was with the swallowing specialist. It turns out that part of my reflux problem is that not only is the acid coming up, the food is not going down. It is sitting in my asophagus. My asophageal muscles are not working well. Oh joy and rapture. I am supposed to eat small bites and alternate with drinking. (easy when I feel yucky, hard when I go into lawn mower mode like I just did…) It is good to know what it is. Modern medicine does not know what causes it or how to fix it. I have an acupuncture point that I am supposed to do myself that should help a bit with the reflux and the swallowing. I am also supposed to swallow my spit a lot so that the stuck stuff will go down.

Tonight, there is a potluck at Ze’ev’s school. Even though I slept through chemo and accupunture, and I am sitting in the sun outside while Andy is being tough and changing the chicken’s cage (it is a gorgeous day), I am going to stay home for the pot luck. Playing it safe. It’s a new thing for me. Dispite how shocking today could have been, I have actually had a nice relaxing day. I have enjoyed the people around me and slept a hell of a lot, which is always good cause my sleep is not ideal these days.

Wow I just moved. Ya know how everything is fine, till you move, well there I am. Whew. We just got net flix and that is where I am hanging out tonight. I am very tired now. I feel good though otherwise. ☺ I think Andy’s story is very different from mine so I want to let you know that his day was not as good as mine, as he did not sleep as much as me and watched his wife do chemo. Everyone is feeling this whole thing differently. I want to thank you for all of your love and prayers for me and mine. For those of you worrying about our lives as people and family, it is ok. Most of our lives are very normal and we deal with issues of homework, summer camp plans, getting chores done, playing family games, eating as a family, andy’s work. I am just not as involved in everything as I used to be. That also means that I do not get to control how things go. This is a challenge for me and hard to let go of, but I am getting better at it. Andy is glad that I am getting better at it. ☺

So I send you all of my love and know that life is different from what it was, but it is still normal. We still have lots of life in this family as well as stinky chicks. (they will be a month old in 2 days)

Love love


BB said...

Hey there- Thanks for the update. Were all thinking of you and yours and sending big hugs across the cybersphere.

Denise Wolf said...

Hi, guys. I'm glad the day was so nice for you, Rebecca. When I would tell people that my chemo days were relaxing and even fun, their eyes would pop out in disbelief. But it was true. Joel and I would go in with our snacks and movies and make a date of it. The staff was very nice to us, and the fellow patients were good company should we want to chat. I hope you continue to feel well emotionally and that if you do have a couple 'down' days physically, they're not too bad. Andy, if you want to write about the experience from your angle, of course we are interested and here to listen.