Friday, April 03, 2009

Rebecca has something to say.

Hi y’all. So this is my new mode of talking for a while. For some reason, the other day, before chemo, my voice started to go again. This time it hurts a bit, so it is easy to remember not to talk. After surgery it did not hurt really. I think it is from the coughing, but I am not sure, so I am not talking at all. Bummer, but true. So if you want to contact me, do so via e-mail right now, since I cant use the phone.
The chemo, however, is going ok. I spent two days bouncing off of the walls because of the steroids (even went bowling with the family), now I am coming down and trying to not crash. Using the meditation practice for that. The steroids also helped my breathing. The big dose of benedryl helped my coughing, so I have had a break from symptoms thanx to drugs. So that was kinda’ cool.
Now I realize that I might be allergic to chickens, but that is not a big deal because they will be going outside soon. It is not a severe allergy, just a bit annoying, so I will still be able to hang with them sometimes, just not have them in my living room. Right now they have moved to the laundry room.
We now have netflix on demand so I am taking advice about what good movies to watch.
Wish you all well and thankyou for all of your help, love and support.


PS said...

I have two thoughts that may or may not be helpful. Number one is that my friend Kristen had a lot of trouble with sore mouth/throat on Taxol, and found that eating garlic soup right before and after the chemo helped a lot with that. Perhaps a Kristen specific thing, but a thought. And about the chicks, I don't know how old yours are now, but they definitely don't need to be quite as warm for quite as long as they tell you. I always moved mine out to the coop soon after they arrived. I kept drafts off them and had the 250 watt red bulb in a work lamp and they were fine. I'm sending you lots of love, xo Patti

Denise Wolf said...

Hi, Rebecca. It can take a really, really long time to heal from vocal cord polyp surgery. A friend from high school had a polyp removed and it took her I think over six weeks to get her voice back. I'm sure it's really frustrating to not be able to talk. Having cancer can feel isolating enough (at least for me), without actually physically not being able to speak. Anyways, we're with you now as always. Love, d

Rachel said...

Oh! I have some good Netflix on-demand suggestions:

West Side Story
The Maltese Falcon
Dial M for Murder
The Caine Mutiny
Strangers on a Train

Also, I've really gotten into "Kings" which you can download for free from

Mad Men and Weeds are both entertaining tv shows, but I think you have to order the cd since they're not available on demand.