Saturday, August 20, 2011

the end of one journey and the start of the next.

At 4:14 am on Saturday August 20th Rebecca left us. She left on a river of love that flowed from all of us close and far. She was ushered out of this world by 2 angels (more about them at another time) in the presence of myself and our kids Merav and Ze'ev (Gideon).

We are observing the jewish tradition of keeping to ourselves between now and the funeral. As plans for the funeral and the shiva (gathering together the days after the funceral) unfold they will be posted here.

With love!


Bridget Wynne said...

Thank you for letting us know, Andy. I was one of those sending that river of love. You all and your journey over these last years were so on my mind that I was up until around 4am this morning, reading through this blog, from beginning to end, accompanying you from afar.

At the funeral of an incredible friend of mine named Cathie, who died from breast cancer, one of her friends handed out little cards saying "What would Cathie do?" and I've carried it in my wallet ever since. I often look at it and ask and answer, best I can, that question. What would Rebecca do, as best I know?

Send - love love


Denise Wolf said...

Andy, her spirit flew by me last night, waking me first at 2:20 am. I woke up sobbing, just saturated with grief, her face clearly before me. The rest of the night I swam in sadness, so close to her and the loss of her. Many tears. Precious Rebecca. And precious you, Merav and Ze'ev. We love you all.

Love, love

-Denise, Joel, Aviva, and Talia

SDCrawford said...

Kieran and I send our love and prayers.

Tim said...

Rebecca was in my customs group our first year at college. She lived in Brecon at Bryn Mawr and I at in Haverford Park Apartments. She had a Volkswagen bug and was taking Japanese. One night she let me drive through West Philly to a Kabuki version of Othello at Penn where she was also taking classes. Though I was later what was then known as a "Bryn Man", I only made it out to Brecon, on the far end of campus, when I went to see her. She was a warm and vibrant person then and I am grateful for her life and the love she inspired in so many.

Tim Abbott
HC '90

Drummond Reed said...

Andy, I passed the news to Monique and we both teared up. All our love is with you and Merav and Ze'ev.


lynne said...

our hearts go out to all of you during this time of unbearable sorrow. our love will be with you throughout this next journey.
love, lynne and sue

Miranda J said...

Sending much much love to all the Dales. Rebecca was incredibly special. All the pictures I have of her in my mind, from college and after - are of her smiling and laughing. That is the wonderful energy that she brought to the world.

Judith & Christine Bush said...

With our condolences for your loss, Christine and i both hold you and your family in the Light.

With Love,


Rachel said...

So reassuring to know the three of you were by her side to see her off.

She was the brightest light I have ever known.

With all my love,


Audrey said...

I knew Rebecca in college, not well, but when I heard the news of her passing, her smiling face immediately flew into my memory. I read through a lot of your blog entries, and was truly moved by the positive outlook you both took during what must have been a very difficult struggle.

Wishing your family peace in this time of loss.

Audrey BMC '92

Don Hamparian said...

Your family will be in the thoughts and prayers of our family as well as your colleagues.


Anonymous said...

You and your family are in our thoughts at CofC and we are sending you light and love.

Anne Lustig-Picus said...

Thinking of you from afar and sending hugs.
Anne Lustig-Picus