Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Morning

Rebecca's Dad and his wife Amy were here all week. We had some nice times and, most importantly, they both got to spend some good time with Rebecca. I think the highlight for Ze'ev was not only did Larry, Amy, Rebecca and I come to watch him dive at the pool... Amy pushed me in the pool!

Rebecca had a couple of good, pain free, lucid days. This morning she is feeling crappy so we just dosed her with what we hope will knock her out for a while and make the pain go away.


Julie said...

So glad to here that Rebecca had some good days and some great time with family. Would love to connect via skype again when she's feeling up to it. Thinking of you guys so very much. Love you Rebecca. You too, Andy, I miss you mistah. xxxx Julie

lynne said...

hope rebecca is feeling better with the medications. rest and relaxed company of loved ones helps a lot!